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Who We Are

The South Baldwin Education Foundation, Inc. (SBEF) is an independent charitable non-profit foundation that provides college scholarships to qualifying seniors from Foley, Elberta, Gulf Shores, and Robertsdale, Alabama. Since its inception in 1987, the South Baldwin Education Foundation has awarded approximately $8.1 million in scholarships to aspiring students, supported by more than 50 scholarship sponsors.

The SBEF was formed to be South Baldwin County’s vehicle to improve advanced education opportunities for graduates of the area’s public high schools. In 1987, a committee of members of the Foley Optimist Club set in motion a dream to grow an organization that would make college scholarships for local students a priority for the community, and make it much easier to accomplish this goal. Foley Optimist Club became the first scholarship sponsor and was soon joined by other community businesses, civic organizations, and foundations as sponsors. Over the years, scholarship sponsors have grown to more than thirty organizations including a number of memorial and honorary sponsors. 

College Campus

Board of Directors

Members must be elected by a majority vote of the election committee, which committee is appointed by the directors of the Foundation. The criteria to be considered by the election committee shall include, but is not limited to, the following:  a) The likelihood that granting membership status to the proposed member will benefit both the Foundation and the communities served by the Foundation. b) The past business and professional conduct of the proposed member. c) The probable long-term effects on the Foundation of granting membership status to the proposed member.

Among the rights conferred on members is the right to elect directors of the Foundation. The annual meeting of the Foundation is held on the third Tuesday of September, each year, at 5:00 p.m., at location TBD. Memberships may not be transferred or assigned. Membership may be terminated in accordance with the by-laws of the Corporation.

Terry Burkle, President

Russ Moore, Vice President

Jason Kozon, Secretary/Treasurer

Kylee Raulerson, Scholarship Coordinator

Dr. Alicia Early
Angela Byrnes

Angie Hall

Drew Wenzel

Cindy Long

Jamie Jones

Jeremy Borchardt

Jessica Webb

Dr. Joyce Woodburn

Katelyn Thigpen

Sam Driver
Norman Moore
Oswalt Lipscomb

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