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Applications are accepted from January 1st - February 28

Scholarships are available to high school seniors currently attending Foley High School, Elberta High School, Robertsdale High School, Gulf Shores High School, Orange Beach High School, or Gulf Coast Christian Academy in Baldwin County, Alabama.

All applicants must apply through the AwardSpring portal. 

Acceptance of the application does not mean that a scholarship will be awarded to the applicant or that the applicant will even be considered for a scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are checks mailed to my college or university?

The first round of checks are mailed by the second week of July each year, pending your completion of all follow-up requests in the application portal.

Can scholarship funding transfer to another college or university?

Absolutely. If you have a scholarship funding balance and plan to transfer to another college or university you can submit a transfer form to have your scholarship funding transferred. Please note funding will be mailed when your current institution returns the scholarship balance.

Are scholarships renewable?

Most all scholarships are a one-time distribution. However, you will be notified if the scholarship you received is renewable.

Do scholarship awards expire?

Should you postpone your attendance to college after high school graduation, you have approximately one year to claim, before you forfeit all funding awarded to you.

Why has my scholarship funding not been processed and mailed to my college of choice?

In order for the SBEF to process your scholarship funding and mail the payment, you must complete all follow-up requests in the AwardSpring application portal.

How is the scholarship funding applied to my college or university account?

The funds will be sent to the financial aid officer of the school.  Funds will be applied in pro-rata payments to your tuition, fees and books for the terms of the school year. Funds may be used for room and board and other direct costs of attending college, or for subsequent terms of attendance, provided other scholarships, grants, or work-study receipts are applied to tuition, fees, and books.

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